Before you book...

A credit card is required to hold a reservation. The full amount will be charged at time of booking.  A credit card must also be presented at time of check–in and held for incidentals and damage.

Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to your visit. If your travel plans change, please contact us as soon as possible. For any cancellation, you will be charged a $20 relisting fee. A 30 day cancellation notice is required on multiple trailer bookings. The $20 relisting fee will be charged for each unit. In the unlikely event that you must cancel your reservation with less than 14 days notice, a refund will not be issued. Sorry if the cancellation policy harshes your buzz, but we only have six units and most of our reservations are made months in advance so it is very unlikely that we will be be able re-book your trailer.

Check-in is available anytime after 2:00 p.m. Check-out is at 11 a.m. If you desire an early check-in, let us know and we will do whatever we can. 

Only registered guests are to be allowed on the property. Flamingo Springs was created to be an intimate retreat and our facilities were created with a specific number of occupants in mind. If you were to book a small trailer and bring 10 of your closest friends to play in our pool, it would negatively affect the experience for our other paying guests. You will find a maximum number of occupants listed with each trailer description. Failure to comply with this rule will find you banished from Verona. I mean, Flamingo Springs. 

Flamingo Springs is a 21+ adult retreat. Don't get us wrong, we love kids. In fact, we made one. But if you and your significant other wanna get out of the house, relax, maybe blow off a little steam and there are a bunch of kids running circles around the pool, screaming, splashing you, that may impede your ability to do so. See what I'm sayin'? Guests 16+ are welcome with the supervision of a parent/guardian. There is an exception to this rule if you rent out the entire resort, provided there are ample adults present. We also offer the occasional "family friendly" weekend at Flamingo Springs, so please contact us for upcoming dates, availability or requests. If you do decide to bring a minor, know that Flamingo Springs assumes no responsibility for anything they may see and/or hear that subsequently destroys their innocence.

We do not allow pets on the property. We also love animals. But they are a liability. Also, the trailers are pretty small and meticulously decorated. Also also, some people don't like animals and we have to respect their rights as paying guests. And we are surrounded by 50 acres of woods and if your furry little buddy ran off into the woods and never returned or even worse, got injured, we would have a really hard time dealing with that. Frankly, there's a lot of reasons not to allow pets. We do apologize for the inconvenience though.

The Hilton we ain’t. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you fancy, then this might not be for you. Our goal is to take the planning, packing and hauling out of the outdoor experience and offer you a less-fuss, “camping adjacent” experience. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our facilities and we make the comfortability of our guests our top priority. There are some things, however, that we cannot control. Like bugs. And the weather. And the fact that the trailers are 50+ years old and have their own little quirks and are sometimes cramped and may require you to get cozy with your partner on a couch that folds down into a full bed.

green = available, red = booked


*If you wish to book the entire resort simply click the boxes next to all the trailers. Flamingo Springs sleeps 14-16 adults, depending on how comfortable you want to be and your willingness to share a full bed. The price for the resort on a weekday (Sun-Thur) is $620 prior to taxes & fees. A weekend night is $800.  

Booking Form

Please use the following form to make all reservations more than a week out. For week of, please call us directly at (479) 824-1021. We will do our very best to confirm your reservation within 24 hours, however, we are about as small as small businesses come, so please be understanding if it takes 27 hours. In the event that we do not have your requested trailers and/or dates available we will contact you at the number you provide to discuss alternatives. 

Once we receive your booking request, if the requested trailer is available, it’s yours. Consider it held. If payments are not received within 24 hours after you have received your invoice your dates/trailers will be released. 

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