Flamingo Springs

15475 Greasy Valley Rd.
Prairie Grove, AR 72753



Coming from Fayetteville, head West on MLK, otherwise known as Hwy 62. Drive through Farmington and then keep going until all signs of civilization disappear and then keep going. You will pass a red barn on the left where they have this really cool bi-annual flea market called The Junk Ranch. If you haven't heard of that you should definitely look into it. Keep driving and pass an abandoned gas station on your right. That's where you would turn to get to Bob Kidd Lake if you are into fishing or just like to stare at water like I do. But keep going until you hit The Crazy Horse Saloon, which also has a liquor store in the parking lot. Turn left just after the liquor store onto Greasy Valley Rd, which is our street. This would be a good time to check the trunk and make sure you didn't forget the beer (come on, man) and also they have a drive-thru, which is pretty sweet. 

You are now officially 9,012 meters from Flamingo Springs. Go up the hill and wind around for awhile. When the road dead-ends at the old wooden sign for New Hope Church, veer to the left to follow the road. In fact, if you are ever on a dirt or gravel road, you are lost. Take a sharp right and drive past the church and wind around some more. Drive straight past the 'cow crossing' sign and take a sharp left. Keep an eye out to the field on your left if you are arriving at dusk because there are sometimes a lot of deer there. That reminds me, if you arriving late, drive slowly and pay close attention on Greasy Valley because, as previously stated, there are sometimes a lot of deer. 

Take a sharp right after the sometimes-deer-filled-field and then wind around some more. Cross the small bridge and then start paying attention because when you cross the second, even smaller bridge, you're almost there (if you hit the third small bridge you've gone too far). 250 paces from the second bridge turn right into our driveway and put your party pants on, because YOU MADE IT! Or put any pants, really. Just make sure you have pants on. We require pants. 

If you find these directions confusing and/or too complicated then you should just type "Flamingo Springs" into Google Maps like a normal person. If you lose cell service just look for the 20' wide asphalt driveway with pink lawn flamingos on either side of it. I can assure you, it's the only one on Greasy Valley. Really, you should just look for the driveway, that'd be easiest. I probably should have led with that. 

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