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VIP Gold Select Frequent Traveler Referral Rewards Program


Are you a huge fan of Flamingo Springs and kinda feel like shouting it from the rooftops? First of all, you should do that. Definitely do that. But also, you should ask those people to mention your name in the referral section when they book their stay with us and you shall be rewarded. If three people mention your name you will receive a free weeknight (Sun-Thur) stay in the trailer of your choice. There is no cost to join the VIP Gold Select Frequent Traveler Referral Rewards Program. It may potentially cost you friends because "Oh. My. God. All Becky ever talks about is Flamingo Springs! I mean, I get it, that place is totally rad, but seriously it would be great if we could have, like, one conversation that didn't revolve around Flamingo Springs"! Honestly though, who needs those friends anyway.